"Innovative Ideas . . .
          in Specialty Equipment
  • 1 The DPI elevating conveyer easily moves grapes from one place to another in the wine making process. See Winery Equipment section for more information.
  • 2 Harvest carts for the nut industry pull behind nut harvesters. See the Other Equipment section for more facts.
  • 3 This MTL conveyor is self - propelled and is built to slip under rail cars. See Conveyors for more information
  • 4 Fixed angle conveyors built by DPI moves agricultural commodities, such as grass seed, legumes, or the like, to bins for storage. See Conveyors for other facts.
  • 5 Bin Dumpers and shaker conveyers handle field harvested fruit to prepare for winery processing. See Winery Equipment for more information.
  • 6 DPI's shaker conveyor smooths out clumps of grapes from picking totes, into one layer for sorting. See Winery Equipment, for other facts.

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DeJong/DPI manufactures sturdy built specialty equipment for the agriculture industries. Our farm conveyors, belt-driven field loaders, and harvest carts are built for high productivity and smooth operation. Keeping your jobs running efficiently and on schedule is first priority with us.

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DPI sells a line of commodity conveyors, wine harvest equipment, and other general equipment which they have designed. Sprayers designed and built by DPI are offered through our Sheridan facility.