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Christmas Tree Equipment

DPI Christmas tree harvest equipment reflects the same attention to detail and use of sturdy construction materials that all of DPI machinery does. Using DPI equipment provides you with time-tested design that is field-tested and proven.

Each of the pieces of machinery takes advantage of experience gained working closely with the industry, listening to their frustrations and needs, and incorporating those suggestions to create a superior product.

DPI produces a line of hydraulically driven chain bales, one of self-propelled elevators, and both electrically powered and pto-driven tree shakers.

Chain Balers

Christmas Tree Chain Baler

Sturdy, reliable machinery to easily turn your crops into profit.

  • Hydraulically driven chain pulls trees through the baling cone.
  • EZ load twine cans (three provided on machine) provide reliable, accessible source of twine for 1/3 more baling time than similar machines.
  • Large cone opens 8-20 inches.
  • Gas powered electric start engine slides away from frame for easy servicing, back for compact use.
  • 10 ft table gives plenty of space to finish processing tree.
  • Low profile rear enclosure means your employees don't have to lift trees as high when beginning baling process
  • Options available include work lights and tool box for extra twine, tags, other items needed.

Lot Balers

Christmas Tree Lot Baler

Earn a gold star in customer service with this lot baler by repackaging your customer's tree before they take it off your retail lit and take it home.

  • Sturdy, quiet machine designed for use on retail lot or at choose and cut site.
  • Use net enclosure to wrap tree for transport home and into place where it will be displayed.
  • Electrically powered by 115/120 volt cord which easily plugs into outlet.
  • Simple, safe nylon strap pulls tree through cone into net sleeve.
  • Easy for inexperienced lot sales people to operate.

Self-Propelled Elevators

Can quickly and easily move your trees from field to waiting trucks for transport to market with a DPI self-propelled elevator conveyor.

  • Use electric start gas engine as power source.
  • Feature 32-ft continuous belt to either load or unload your crop.
  • Lifts 6-16 feet in air, enough to load over the side of a truck, or to extend more than half way into a trailer.
  • Available options include work lights, highway towing package.
  • Width 72 inches
  • Length 32 ft.
  • Weight 1750 lbs.

Tree shaker

Gently rid trees of excess needles and pests. Earn gold star recommendations from your customers Christmas Tree Shakerand keep them coming back year after year by shaking trees BEFORE they go into homes for decoration!

  • Use electric or pto power source
  • Low profile makes it easy to place trees in shaker
  • 10-15 seconds shaking meets agriculture department regulations for processed trees, in most cases.
  • Available in optional dual shaker model.
  • Electric drive is 37" long, 37" wide, 17" high.
  • Unit weighs 200 lbs.
  • PTO models available in single or double shaker options, use 1-3/8" shaft, 540 rpm power readily available from field tractors. Hitch is Category I.
  • PTO double shaker weighs 360 lbs.